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TI - Bulgaria is an independent non-political organization of people with long-term interest in the field of research, analysis and suggestions for an effective anti-corruption control. The organization was founded in June 1998 in Sofia as the first national chapter in South-Eastern Europe. TI-Bulgaria actively participates in the global anti-corruption movement and contributes to the process of establishment of the national anti-corruption Integrity system.

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The work of TI-Bulgaria has two main focal points: a National and an International Program.


The National Program is mainly oriented toward: Approbation of effective models for independent expert monitoring and civil control over legislation and the processes of privatization in regard to the principles of accountability and transparency; Increasing civil sensitivity to problems of integrity, transparency and accountability in the work of the governmental body.

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Regional Program aims at:

Collection and dissemination of specialized information for developing anti-corruption initiatives in the region; Exchange of experience and know-how between similar non-governmental organizations in South-Eastern Europe; Establishing regional networks for the implementation of anti-corruption initiatives.

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